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About Us

Dawntown General Traders (DGT) is among Tanzania's largest importers, distributors and exporters of products in and outside the country with a wide network and largest stores representing major international organisations including ECS Technologies, Inc and Creative Associates International (USA).

DGT is one of oldest and largest companies. It markets hundreds of branded product lines and numerous category leaders, including Motor vehicles and other automotives, Machinery, Industrial equipments, Hardware and building materials, Stationary, Minerals and Chemicals, Metallic, food products, personal products, timber products, electrical supplies and all orders. DGT serves all main regions of the Tanzania and the neighboring countries.

In response to more discriminating consumer tastes and ever-increasing competition in the region, DGT is committed to maintaining the highest standards. Management with world-class talent, recruited from some of the leading branded-goods companies, and a professionally trained sales team give brand partners full product support for building brands and increasing market share in Tanzania.

With the growth of hypermarkets and convenience stores in Tanzania, DGT has extended its distribution network beyond traditional stores, and the company continues its exploration of new ways to serve towns and villages away from major metropolitan areas. In all its activities, DGT remains best-in-class of Tanzania products distribution





Successful Projects

Tanzania 21st Century Basic Education Program (TZ21)

USAID-funded initiative to improve the quality of lower primary education with a particular focus on improved instruction in reading, mathematics and science for higher learning achievement.
The project is working in the Mtwara region on Tanzania mainland and in the islands of Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar
Dawntown General Traders was responsible for supplying 1100pcs of Steel Cages and 550pcs of wooden Boxes for Instruments to all schools and centers involved in this project.

Micro-irrigation pumps.

Melinda & Bill Gates funded initiative to support rural farmers who cultivate fruits, vegetables and other crops.
These pumps increased the area to be irrigated, increase crop yields, increase family income to enable them spend for medical care, education and raise their life standards.
All regions were covered where in-field demonstrations were carried out at water sources in front of farmers, farm to farm. On-spot sales were made but also prospects could visit extensive network of Dealers throughout the country and make purchases.