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About Us

Strategic Tour and Car Hire caters for all kinds of daily, tour and travel needs. Depending on the choice of vehicle or car you are willing to cruse ranging to luxury or sports cars, we assure that you will match you need for your group or self-drive Tanzanian safari. Strategic Tour and Car Hire makes it simple for you to hire cars of any type for your Tanzania tour or daily needs.

Whether Land cruisers, Range rovers, Rav4s, Noah, Pickups or any 4x4 vehicles for the Tanzania wild, or luxurious car models, we offer friendly prices for all Tanzania vehicle hire necessities. Our Tanzania vehicle rentals service is wide-ranging - offering drivers everything from small, budget-friendly cars to luxurious cars that will see you cruising in style.

If you have arrangement to rough it on your safari to Tanzania, our team of devoted travel experts will assist you to secure a right car that suits your tour needs. Whether an independent traveler or going on a tailor-made safari organized with us, our car rental services are flexible to your unique requirements.

We assure to provide you with the following

Immediate and special attention.
Comfortable, Luxurious, relaxed and friendly costs.
Proved network, communication and experienced tour experts and operators.
Affordable and beautiful lodging.





Promote tourism in Tanzania and elsewhere and carry on business of travel agents, tour operators and promoters.

Facilitate travelers and organize hunting trips as professional hunters tented camps, fishing and diving expeditions.

Arrange and manage hunting safaris, photo safaris, adventure tours, fishing trips, mountain climbing and handling of game trophies and animal skins, catching, harboring, transporting wildlife and marine products of all kinds.

Organize safaris throughout Africa and the rest of the world for the sightseeing, shooting by movies camera or otherwise.

Encourage and attract tourist’s trade in EA and carry on business of clearing and forwarding agents operate and offer seaside tours and safaris.

Offer business of motor vehicle hire enterprises offering tour transport facilities both self driven and chauffer drive.

Offering Lodging and tented camps to local and tourists, and also hiring self contained safari cars and trucks and act as booking agents for all hotels and lodges.

Advise, assist and represent travelers and tourists in connection with passports, visas and other travel documents, health and medical requirements and other related issues on international travel.

Enter into agreements with overseas tourist corporations for the purpose of advertisements on the tourist attractions in Tanzania.

Deal with operation of boats and all kinds of sailing vessels for tour purposes. To operate as tour agents, transport and general logistics consultants.

To carry on business as air operators and manufactures, dealers, hires, repairers, cleaners stores and warehouses of airplanes and helicopters and all kinds of machines that are flown.

Carry out business of big game hunter, trapping collection of wild and live birds for sale and export within and outside Tanzania and deal in all types of animal and game skin, leather goods, bird feathers and market such goods