Little Sun in Matanana Village

During the summer of 2017 Matanana village in Mufindi district, Tanzania has gotten lighter during night. During May month the swedish company Campusbokhandeln had raised money that was handed over to the swedish charity organization United Hearts. United Hearts is...


Welcome to our new website that is launched today Thursday, July 6, 2017. Please visit this section for news and updates from us. Thank you, All At STRATEGIC GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD

About Us

Strategic Real Estates has grown from a small family business to a corporate business with estates countrywide, and has positioned itself as one of the leading, most professional land and residential property companies in Tanzania. But although we have grown in size, we have never lost touch with the friendly, professional, attentive service we have been offering our clients in Tanzania over time.

Strategic Real Estates provides a market leading real estate agency service, regarding land and property for sale or for rental in Tanzania. No-one sells land and houses quicker than us!
“We are the heart of buying and selling of real estates.”

Our experienced land and property sales agents provide the efficient and professional estate agency service required by today’s market.
All the land and properties we are marketing or sell are automatically advertised on our website.

Buyers can search our portfolio of land and properties for sale or let by entering their requirement details. By registering, they can even maintain their own personal section within our website, which includes keeping a shortlist of land and properties in which they are interested.

  • Real estate development; buying, constructing, selling, mortgaging, renting, transferring and any other form of conveyance of real estate.
  • Provide consultancy on construction, architecture, Quantity, Surveyors, structural designs and engineering, supervision, construction labor management, estate plans and soil testing.
  • Purchasing unused land for a potential development.
  • Perform all the activities and transactions a licensed real estate agent is allowed to perform.
  • Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers, generally representing one or the other.
  • Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.
  • Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.


About Us

Strategic Tour and Car Hire caters for all kinds of daily, tour and travel needs. Depending on the choice of vehicle or car you are willing to cruse ranging to luxury or sports cars, we assure that you will match you need for your group or self-drive Tanzanian safari. Strategic Tour and Car Hire makes it simple for you to hire cars of any type for your Tanzania tour or daily needs.

Whether Land cruisers, Range rovers, Rav4s, Noah, Pickups or any 4×4 vehicles for the Tanzania wild, or luxurious car models, we offer friendly prices for all Tanzania vehicle hire necessities. Our Tanzania vehicle rentals service is wide-ranging – offering drivers everything from small, budget-friendly cars to luxurious cars that will see you cruising in style.

If you have arrangement to rough it on your safari to Tanzania, our team of devoted travel experts will assist you to secure a right car that suits your tour needs. Whether an independent traveler or going on a tailor-made safari organized with us, our car rental services are flexible to your unique requirements.

We assure to provide you with the following
  • Immediate and special attention.
  • Comfortable, Luxurious, relaxed and friendly costs.
  • Proved network, communication and experienced tour experts and operators.
  • Affordable and beautiful lodging.


About Us

Strategic Equipment and Supplies is among Tanzania’s largest importers, distributors and exporters of products in and outside the country with a wide network and largest stores representing major international organisations including ECS Technologies, Inc and Creative Associates International (USA).

Strategic Equipment and Supplies is one of oldest and largest companies. It markets hundreds of branded product lines and numerous category leaders, including Motor vehicles and other automotives, Machinery, Industrial equipments, Hardware and building materials, Stationary, Minerals and Chemicals, Metallic, food products, personal products, timber products, electrical supplies and all orders. Strategic Equipment and Supplies serves all main regions of the Tanzania and the neighboring countries.

In response to more discriminating consumer tastes and ever-increasing competition in the region, Strategic Equipment and Supplies is committed to maintaining the highest standards. Management with world-class talent, recruited from some of the leading branded-goods companies, and a professionally trained sales team give brand partners full product support for building brands and increasing market share in Tanzania.

With the growth of hypermarkets and convenience stores in Tanzania, Strategic Equipment and Supplies has extended its distribution network beyond traditional stores, and the company continues its exploration of new ways to serve towns and villages away from major metropolitan areas. In all its activities, Strategic Equipment and Supplies remains best-in-class of Tanzania products distribution

  • Mining activities i.e all kind of gemstones precious and semi precious stones, gold, silver and precious metal of all kinds.
  • General trading i.e electrical, building materials, automobiles and industrial equipments.
  • General supply i.e timber, fishing gears, office equipments, leather, groceries etc.
  • Imports and Exports of merchandise.
  • General food processing, packaging and suppliers and agricultural crops.
  • Agents for the sale and purchase of any stocks shares or securities or for any kind monetary or mercantile transactions.
Successful Projects

Tanzania 21st Century Basic Education Program (TZ21)

USAID-funded initiative to improve the quality of lower primary education with a particular focus on improved instruction in reading, mathematics and science for higher learning achievement.
The project is working in the Mtwara region on Tanzania mainland and in the islands of Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar
Strategic Equipment and Supplies was responsible for supplying 1100pcs of Steel Cages and 550pcs of wooden Boxes for Instruments to all schools and centers involved in this project.

Micro-irrigation pumps.

Melinda & Bill Gates funded initiative to support rural farmers who cultivate fruits, vegetables and other crops.
These pumps increased the area to be irrigated, increase crop yields, increase family income to enable them spend for medical care, education and raise their life standards.
All regions were covered where in-field demonstrations were carried out at water sources in front of farmers, farm to farm. On-spot sales were made but also prospects could visit extensive network of Dealers throughout the country and make purchases.



Strategic Energy is a subsidiary of Strategic Group of Companies Ltd, a limited company incorporated in Tanzania and having its registered office at Posta House, 4th floor, Ghana/Ohio Avenues, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Strategic Energy is a clean and renewable energy products and services provider operating in Tanzania since 2014. The company is structured in national, regional and district market hubs. We are having Dealers in every region both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar who are supported by our Regional Sales Representatives. Distribution of our solar product in rural areas is realized by rural market hubs, which are operated by sales agents.

The Dealers, Regional Sales Reps and Sales Agents get trained by Strategic Energy to manage their market hubs and to market and sell the products.

We are committed to improve people’s lives that are living without reliable access to the electricity grid. For those who use dirty and dangerous kerosene, candles or disposable batteries, our aim is to bring clean, reliable, affordable light to them.

We believe in the power of African entrepreneurs to shape the future. Strategic Energy is focused on building profitable African businesses that distribute solar products at locally affordable prices. We work within off-grid communities with local entrepreneurs to sell our solar products through many channels, including VSLAs, door-to-door sales, direct sales and through microfinance.
In these ways Strategic Energy is spreading light– and livelihoods – in off-grid communities.

Strategic Energy is the Sole Distributor of Little Sun solar powered products (Little Sun Original and Little Sun Charge) in Tanzania. We were chosen to represent Little Sun because of our professionalism and keen understanding for the local Tanzania market.

Strategic Energy is also a Distributor for Green Light Planet products whereby we are selling and installing pay as you go-PayGO solar home systems named; Sun King Home120

Strategic Energy is also a Distributor for Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions Company Ltd products ranging from PAYGo TVs and Fishing Lights.

Strategic Energy is a member of Sendea.
Sendea is the program of Stiftung SolarenergieSolar Energy Foundation that supports local small and medium enterprises (SME) in developing countries.

Key Team Members.

Strategic Energy is led by its Founder and CEO, Mr. Mohamed Said Nachiwa who has vast and extensive experiences in the field of both sales and marketing management with a tracking record in local and international emerging markets. He is responsible for strategic development and client and operations management of the organization.
He is supported by a team of dedicated professionals in the fields of Operations, Finance, Human Resources Management and IT.

Distribution networks.
Apart from a network of regional dealers and sales agents nationwide including Zanzibar, our strength and uniqueness major on the following channels;

1. Hypermarkets and high-end outlets including supermarkets, gifts and boutique shops.
2. Corporate and institutions.
3. Special events including trade fairs.
4. NGOs like Femina HIP, D-Tree, etc.
5. Agricultural cooperatives.
6. MFIs.
7. VSLAs, Vicoba and Saccos.
8. School campaigns.

Organization’s Strengths.

Quality Control Procedures;
A key element of our new approach to quality management is the use of formalized continuous quality improvement that builds on new best practices and new technologies and always strives for improved customer satisfaction.

Financial Capacity and Control.
We have a developed accounting and cost management systems that ensure maximum efficiency of financial resources, accurate reporting, and strict compliance with regulations. We have an exceptionally solid financial foundation for a small business, with excellent credit availability together with capabilities to deploy new resources for project implementation.
Our local bank report showed continuous excellent rating for the last years, and we are proud of our clean business history, with no deficient performance on any project.

About Us

Strategic Human Resources Solution (SHR Solution) is a part of the Strategic group of Companies. Over a short span of time the company has grown from strength to strength and has tasted success across industry verticals, SHR Solution is one of Tanzania’s leading Human Resources, Training and Consulting agencies, specializing in Strategic Human Resources Recruitment, training and Consulting. Spanning diverse cultures and industries, SHR Solution renders services across the country with offices at Posta House, Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Ranging from search and training to performance management and reward systems, SHR Solutions provides end-to-end strategic solutions to organizations as well as individuals.

Our Aim
To help organizations achieve their HR and talent management objectives and assist individuals in achieving their professional career goals.

Our Values
We believe in providing the best and most relevant services (that sometimes may go beyond our scope) while maintaining management standards with utmost confidentiality.
We work with dedication to provide perfection in our work, setting higher standards.
Our network and clients rely on our integrity and credibility to bring them the most efficient and exact solutions.

Our consultative approach ensures that clients are aware of every step in the process being undertaken and are actively involved in the decision making. This enables our goals to be aligned with those of our clients without leaving any margin for error. We are aware that each company has its individual set of requirements and ethos. Keeping this in mind, we involve our clients in order to understand their organisation culture and ensure that there is no mismatch with different profiles of candidates. This culture study enables us to understand the organisation’s long term goals with regards to their human resources and it features as one of our deciding factors in evaluating talent. Involving the client organisation to a certain extent also helps us identify the functional requirements for the vacancies at multiple levels in the company. For instance, two organisations may be looking to fill a role which implies the same designations in both the companies. However, the salary structure, level in hierarchy, functional overview, responsibilities, reporting structure etc. of the role are likely to be completely different in both the cases. Our consultative approach helps us avoid such generalisations. We also assign dedicated teams to every organisation to provide complete customisation of services.


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